Osun Face Wash (8 oz)

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The Motherland Be Knowing!!

Osun aka Camwood comes from Nigeria, Africa. This is the ultimate cleanser for the face, body and (gasp) scalp & hair! Some benefits are:

Evens out the skin tone.




Reduces wrinkles and fine lines.

Promotes a natural glow.

Clears acne and other minor skin blemishes.

Restores elasticity

How do you use it?

Pump in your hand, wash cloth, or cleansing brush and apply to face and neck. (Avoid your eyes!) Wash in a circular motion, rinse and follow up with your favorite Nectar Face Serum for a hydrating glow!

Most natural products will not produce "bubbles/lather" as that requires a chemical. This product is thin, but do not let that fool you! It works!

Ingredients: Water, Osun, Plantain, Cocoa, Palm Leaves, Shea Butter, Rosehips, Castile Soap, Mint, Calendula Plant Blend

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