Hair & Scalp Elixer

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This organic hair and scalp elixer will keep your hair soft, moisturized and protected when heat styling.

Say good bye to dry scalp, scalp psoriasis/eczema as this elixer treats the trouble spots from the inside out! Get ready for strong, long hair!

This elixer has a blend of 15 different oils from all over the globe including Emu, Baobob, Neem, Black Seed, Broccoli, Jalapeno, Biotin, Karanja, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, just to name a few. A little bit goes a long way as its concentrated with no fillers!

To treat spots directly just take a drop and massage in problem areas. You can also add to your shampoo if you desire.

For every day/every other day run through scalp and massage in. A half a dropper should be more than enough for your entire head.

Shake well before each use!

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