Eczema Cream

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This natural eczema cream all-organic 6oz Eczema Butter Cream is the ultimate product to help soothe and heal those dry inflamed patches & cracks and calm down the itch/burn that eczema brings.

Perfection doesn't need filters and my Eczema Butter is perfectly imperfect! Each batch sets differently because it is handmade and natural! Who's going to tell nature what to do? Not me! One thing that is always standard is the home-grown goodness that fills each tin! This organic Eczema honey or eczema butter is perfect for mild to moderate eczema and safe for infants up to centenarians!

This Eczema Butter Cream is shea-based and made with Hempseed, Evening Primrose, Red Palm, Vitamin E, St. Johns Wort, Comfrey, Calendula, Plaintain, etc. Besides, this is also considered the best organic baby eczema cream. Proprietary Blend of twelve others to make it the ultimate in natural healing! Most of the plant material is grown by me and has been in process for nine months or more, for an optimal infusion!

Eczema Butter Lotion gives you the goodness of the cream, in an easy application pump bottle! Natural Eczema Cream is enhanced with the power of my healing salve to soothe and calm the skin and strengthen the healing as well! The smell is medicinal but it's a powerful combination to combat your mild to moderate eczema!

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