Q. Why don’t you release all of the ingredients of the healing line?

A. My healing line is really special and I’ve worked hard on developing various topical for various ailments that work. While I am in the process of getting those ingredients patented, I must make sure they are “protected” until they are PROTECTED.

Q. How long does it take for you to ship?

A. I ship Monday – Friday, typical same of next day. However, my official processing time has always been 6 business days. I rarely implement that unless I need to create what has been ordered and its going to take some time. I do occasionally take a vacation as well.

Q. What makes you a herbalist?

A. I am a third generation herbalist, learning from my Grandmother and Father. I also have a few certifications from Herbal Schools in the States and I’m always continuing my education.

Q. Do you make guarantees?

A. Nothing in life is guaranteed. I also am not legally allowed to do that.