Kissed By A Bee Organics is an Apothecary & Urban Farm that specializes in modern Herbalism. Akilah Scott-Amos is head Herbalist and Creator who hails from Chicago, but resides in Manvel, Texas. 

So I’ve become a repeat customer and definitely have staple products. I frequently purchase the Hair and Scalp Elixir, Charcoal Mask, Anti-Aging Serum, and the Honey Butter Face Scrub. I love them all but these are just the frequent purchases. I am still working through my initial order of the Osun face wash, a couple of the tinctures, and my most recent favorite...the eczema works so fast to heal eczema scars. Needless to say, I strongly recommend Kissed By A Bee Organics to anyone with skin. There’s something great for everyone.

Jnelle Houston

Kissed By A Bee Organics

Akilah Amos


Old School Remedies + Modern Day Flavor = Kissed By A Bee Organics

The Legend of the Urban Herbalist

Meet Akilah Scott-Amos, owner of Kissed By A Bee Organics. Akilah is a 3rd Generation Herbalist, an "urban farmer", and a Gen Xer entrepreneur.

Akilah comes from generations of rootworkers and sharecroppers; she learned most of her knowledge about the healing powers of plants via her Grandmother (LeDora) and Father (William). Born and raised as a vegetarian, most of her meals were made from scratch and grown right on the family property. Many plants and roots were grown to nourish the body, but also heal ailments as well. She decided to start Kissed By A Bee Organics in May 2013, with the support of her husband and friends.

Akilah also has several certifications in herbalism and is constantly honing her craft. She, along with her family, utilize their 4-acre farm by growing roughly 75% of what she uses in the products. She lives in Manvel, TX with her two sons (Alex and Aiden), her husband (Christopher), 3 dogs (Chad, Aza and Ashe) and a cat named Horus.